Galactagogue – A new audio visual experience

Galactagogue is a cutting-edge multi-media experience directed by Poppy van Oorde-Grainger in collaboration with musician Felicity Groom and some of Austrailia’s best digital artists and . It premieres on Saturday 13th July as part of Fremantle Festival.

Felicity Groom and I are long-time collaborators and when she asked me to direct and produce visuals for Galactagogue I was thrilled. She had some very innovative ideas about motion capture and audience interaction so for this we first sought advice from experts Sam Price and Steve Berrick. From there, the next steps were developing a treatment, securing funding and selecting a team of digital artists, software developers, animators and filmmakers to collaborate with.

Dominic Pearce and Curtis Taylor I’d loved working with previously and Hungry Sky and COMBS I’d heard fantastic things about. The way we all collaborated throughout the project really varied. For example, Hungry Sky, COMBS, the drummer in Felicity’s band and I spent a long time figuring out how to trigger visuals in sync with live music and include the audience in animations created in Blender and Unity. In contrast, Dom, Curtis and I took more of a filmmaking approach were Curtis and I would shoot scenes and Dom would then apply his digital wizardary in Premiere, Da Vinci and After Effects. The cross-artform collaboration and use of new technologies was very exciting for everyone and it’s really broadened and diversified my own skill-set as an artist and filmmaker.

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