iiNet celebrate 25 years

Sandbox had the privilege of collaborating with iiNet and Marketforce for a special campaign celebrating the iconic Australian brand’s 25th year.

Director Richard Vilensky (working alongside DP Allan Myles) was tasked with representing three key eras of iiNet history – early 90s, mid 2000s, and present day – through a visual feast of nostalgic hair styles, costumes and set design.

Clayton Jauncey (Production Design), Kylie Clifford (Costuming/Styling) and Karen Sims (Hair and Make-up Design) dived headfirst into the spirit of the campaign with Richard to create a colourful and memorable end product.

With a number of challenging in-camera practical gags at every turn, as well as considerable post VFX to bring it all together, this was a unique and rewarding experience for the Sandbox team, and one we thoroughly enjoyed.

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