You know what they say about working with kids and animals….

Ad Impact’s maiden TV campaign for Wow Homes was based around a super adorable baby saying the company name “Wow”.

Sandbox auditioned 15 babies (including a set of bouncing twins) who delivered us varying degrees of co-operation and focus, while maintaining maximum cuteness. Some of the babies really tried to keep it real and did their best to deliver the line the second the camera was turned off.

For the shoot we enlisted Ross Tinney, because with his depth of experience working with babies and toddlers we knew he’d elicit a fantastic performance from our hero baby on the day – when the pressure was really on! It wasn’t just the hero line we were after but also giggles and cute little actions that we could work with to really make the TVC sing. Ross achieved this with impressive role-play, silly faces and – eventually – repeatedly balancing a sticky muffin on his head, which had the crew in stitches. His commitment paid off and we were rewarded with some undeniably beautiful moments

Our only regret? No one was filming Ross.

Watch our behind the scenes video below and the final TVC spot here.

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