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A week before the shoot we had a final location scout, the skies were cloudy and grey, it was drizzling with rain and seaweed covered the shore from a storm the night before. But on the shoot the weather gods were smiling on us, delivering a typical sunny Perth sky.

The wind, however, was an issue…

Two grips holding a reflector frame almost blew away Mary Poppins style. The beach umbrellas for our extras wouldn’t stay in the sand for long without someone holding them down. I found that out the hard way. As I was positioning the umbrellas in the frame, one took flight behind me, landing in the ocean. Like a ninja, I instinctually leapt in after it only to discover the rather steep drop off of the shoreline and went completely underwater. I managed to stop the current dragging out our prop but my heroic rescue efforts were not without casualties. I forgot my phone was in my pocket. It did not fare so well. This all took place before the first set up was ready, so I spent the morning directing drenched and smelling of ocean. Still, the quick dip was quite refreshing.

A massive thanks to the crew, who lugged a small village worth of heavy equipment through the soft sand. That path from the carpark to the beach is unusually long and somehow got longer the heavier the equipment was. Carrying all those sandbags to a beach seemed ironic but we certainly needed them all with that wind.

Shout out to Tim Fitzgerald, our fearless DP who walked backwards barefoot on the uneven surface with a truckload of gear mounted to his person. That coupled with the great consistent performance from our actors realised my dream of getting the ad in one deceptively simple shot.

Watch the final product below:

Photo credit: Ryan Ammon

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