St John Ambulance

The Job

This radio ad campaign had to clearly deliver one message. Anyone can be a legend as a volunteer with St John Ambulance. When 303 MullenLowe briefed in Soundbyte Studios to produce the radio ad campaign, they knew that casting and sound design would be the two key elements to making the idea really come to life.

Working closely with 303 MullenLowe, Sound Engineer, Brad Habib, got to work casting talented West Australian actors to play the main characters, however for the tag voice over they knew that getting the exact right tone was going to be critical to the spots working. They would need to draw on someone with perfect comedic timing and a dry delivery. This role would be entrusted to the extremely talented Stephen Curry. Stephen brought the perfect level of dry irony to the spots, without overpowering the performances.

Soundbyte then shifted their attention to Sound Design. Brad was challenged with creating two very different environments. The first would be the everyday worlds that our locals lived in. He then had to create the real-world scenarios that a St John Ambulance volunteer may find themselves in.  Once this was done, Brad used clever mixing techniques to subtly transition from one to the other, transporting the listener from everyday home life to the exciting world of being a volunteer.

Using very selective casting, carefully curated sounds, and clever mixing techniques, Soundbyte was able to vividly tell the story of how our Western Australian locals became legends.

What We Did

Sound Record / Sound Design


Sound Studios: Soundbyte Studios
Sound Designer: Brad Habib

Agency: 303 Mullenlowe

Client: St John Ambulance

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