Sandbox Director Dominic Pearce collaborates with artist Ian Strange

DALISON is the newest work by Australian transdisciplinary artist Ian Strange in collaboration with American musician Trevor Powers. Sitting somewhere in the ether between photographic work, lighting installation, live music event and music video, DALISON is a celebration of one of two surviving hold out homes in a once vibrant migrant farming and residential community.

Sandbox director Dominic Pearce has once again collaborated with Ian Strange on both the installation itself and the accompanying documentary about the project. Featuring the biggest LED lighting element ever assembled in Perth, Dominic has said “it is easily one of the biggest and most challenging works I’ve created with Ian, and I am incredibly proud of the finished result, and the huge crew that helped bring it together– particularly our producers Emma Pegrum and Jedda Andrews.”

Dominic worked on this project as co-director and editor of the film work and documentary elements of the project. He worked with Lachlan Cooper from Soundbyte Studios on the sound design and mix of the associated documentary.

Watch the trailer for the exhibition here and see the documentary screening this weekend at the Naval Store in Fremantle before it tours both nationally and internationally.