Talking Burger Comes Up Trumps

The brief from agency &Partners was to create a talking burger that resembled a certain world leader known for many things not least of which is shameless self-promotion.

The first step was to create the 3d model of the burger from a photographic reference.

The next step was to put the model into a 3d scene with a lighting and diffuse pass.

We then refined the scene by adding a specular/gloss pass.

Next we combined the model with photographic textures so the burger looked photo real.

We then set the burger up for animation. To do this we sculpted 12 blend shapes for the different expressions and mouth positions. We also created some rig controls to animate the top bun and other bits individually.

Once everything was set up, it was time for animation. We used the blend shapes to create the lip sync and the rig controls helped bring the character to life.

The final scene was created in 3D, with a lighting and camera setup. A camera move was added and the final render was composited.

The very last step was overlaying the graphics in the online edit and then voila, you’ve got an “incredibly delicious” talking burger.

Watch the final TVCs here. If you don’t like them “you’re just dumb”!

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