Watertown TV Commercial Case Study

When a popular inner city brand outlet centre underwent a name transformation a sleek, stylish commercial was required to launch Watertown to the public.

The biggest challenge for this large scale commercial was sticking to a strict 8-hour shoot day to deliver the project on budget. To achieve this Sandbox undertook an extensive pre-production process.

The commercial is all about the fashion options available at Watertown so costumes, make-up and actors were crucial for the success of the spot. The Director held auditions for the characters with the two best options presented to the client for selection.

The costume designer spent hours selecting a multitude of outfits from Watertown for each actor and a comprehensive style guide was created. The style guide included several outfit choices along with hair and make-up descriptions for the client to approve.

Whilst the costume designer shopped up a storm the production assistant was scouting parks in Perth and contacting local councils to obtain filming permits. The park needed to be within easy driving distance of Watertown where the second half of the commercial was to be filmed and there needed to be substantial parking for everyone to ensure there were no delays in the schedule.

Before the shoot day a rehearsal was arranged with the actors and camera operators to ensure there were no surprises with the one choreographed shot at the park. Camera and rig tests were conducted to finalise the right equipment for capturing the fluid choreographed shot, it was a fine balancing act between using a camera that would capture high quality vision and a movi rig that wouldn’t be too heavy for the camera assistant to use.

All this pre-production testing also ensured the timing of the commercial was perfect.

Arriving at Watertown to film the second half of the advert presented another unique set of challenges with over 20 extras and members of the general public potentially being filmed. An extras document was created with photos of everyone who was scheduled to arrive and 2 spotters were designated to approach members of the general public to sign release forms in case they were in the background of the shot.

On the day of filming the crew finished ahead of schedule thanks to the meticulous pre-production standards of Producer Louise Bertoncini.

Click play below to see the final product.

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