Mid West Region

Location specifics

  • Population: 52,000
  • Closest Airport: Geraldton Airport
  • Distance from Perth:414.7km
  • Recommended vehicle types: Standard
  • Accessibility of Site: Easy
  • Accommodation: Broad range of options from budget to 4.5 star hotels, resorts and short stay apartments
  • Areas of Interest: Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake), Kalbarri, Nature’s Window, The Loop, Z Bend, Red Bluff

Production Manager’s Notes

  • Access to natural and historic locations.
  • Must seek filming approvals from shire and national park before shooting.
  • For locations within Kalbarri National Park, there is vehicle parking and then a trek on paved/partially paved walkways to each location. Walking times and difficultly vary depending on location.
  • If filming in the summer months take precautions to prevent heat stroke and dehydration
  • Be careful of rock falls

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