Seamless Project Management: Enabling Smooth Video Production Journeys

On time and on budget

At Sandbox we pride ourselves on professional project management. Our Producers have over forty years combined industry experience and will ensure every element of your production runs like clockwork.

Hollie Gibson heads the TVC department and by the age 25 she’d already produced advertisements in over 10 countries for global brands like BHP, McDonalds and Nike.

Ian Bignell is Executive Producer of the Corporate department and has managed projects for BBC, ITV and Channel 4 before uprooting to the sunnier surrounds of Perth.

Hollie and Ian manage each manage a crew of in-house producers that ensure each project and client has a dedicated team to bring their job in on schedule.

Some of our
Project Management Work


Creating a visually dynamic way to represent a journey though 25 years of technology using only “one-shot”.

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