Post Production Rebates

Up to 50% Post Incentives + Exchange Rate Benefits

= ~70% Added Post Value

Using a combination of federal and state incentives combined with comparable post value with £1 buying you in England to what AU$1 will buy you in Australia, we are able to provide up to 70% additional post production value

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* currency conversion rates as at 05/12/2023. rebates only apply to applicable projects.

All the benefits and no risk.

Sandbox will cash flow and manage all paperwork and bares all responsibility for the rebate.

How do we deliver this significant saving?

Australia’s Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Federal Government offset means producers can access a 30% rebate on a minimum spend of AUD $500,000 with no upper limit.

Coupled with the Western Australian State providing an additional 20% rebate on a minimum spend of AUD $100,000 reducing to 10% for expenditure above $500,000. Sandbox offers a 10% discount uncapped on all projects over $500,000.

This means you can access the full suite of services at Western Australia’s leading destination for post-production and save 50%, plus the benefit of the prevailing exchange rates, on your post budget.

Sandbox will complete all paperwork and cashflow the rebate amount.

To find out more about the federal PDV rebate, please click here.

To find out more about the Screenwest PDV rebate, please click here.

Australian government backed rebates.

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Sandbox is an honest and reliable company with a proven portfolio of international work.

  • “International quality, talented and reliable artists, 50% off with no paperwork or rebate risk, not to mention the cheap Australian dollar – Sandbox delivers.”

    Matt Graff Zig Zag Productions / CEO

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