The Job

It’s 1925 and hundreds of people are dancing the foxtrot in Western Australia’s Government House, when BANG! A gun goes off. People turn to see jilted fiancée, Audrey Jacobs, holding the pistol while standing over the bleeding body of her ex, Cyril Gidley. What should have been an open and shut case proved to be a very different story. This short documentary was produced by Sandbox thanks to the State Library of WA and Screenwest.

What we did

Production / Direction / Offline Edit / Visual FX / Colour Grading / Online Editing


Executive Producer: Grady Habib
Producer: Dumi Mashinini
Associate Producer: Lauren McDonough
Production Assistants : Michael Breeze & Tavian Ord
Director: Louise Bertoncini
Director of Photography: Tim Fitzgerald
Production Assistants : Michael Breeze & Tavian Ord

Post Production Facility: Sandbox Post Production
Editor: Louise Bertoncini
VFX: Tony Bannan / Paul Siciliano / Matthew Kerley

Audio Post Production : Soundbyte Studios
Sound Designers: Brad Habib & Shaun Sandosham
Music Composer: Robert Woods
Vocalist: Cassie Skinner

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