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30 seconds to make an impression

What’s your favourite Australian TV Ad? Maybe it involves following the adventures of Rhonda & Ketut or singing along to the “Happy Little Vegemites” tune — or maybe it involves a woman sticking her head out the window to yell, “Not happy, Jan!” The bottom line is that everyone has one, and that’s because the best TV ads get noticed and remembered.

Sandbox can help you become the next big thing on TV with our professional and creative TV commercial production in Perth.

TV advertising in Perth is jam-packed with competition. Fortunately, the expert team at Sandbox have all the tools and resources you need to maximise your advertising outcomes..

Three critical elements go into making every great commercial, first is the idea (scriptwriting), then the creation of that idea (production), and third is getting it seen (or placement within the media).

Your TV ad might include filming actors, motion graphics, 2D or 3D animation or even utilising existing footage and images that you have in your archives. Whatever the angle, we’re here to work collaboratively with you to deliver the best possible campaign results.

Sandbox understands that your TV advertisement is a quick insight into your brand identity. To ensure our team captures your brand and messaging effectively and accurately, we continuously ask for feedback when creating your TV commercial.

Discover how Sandbox brings your ideas to life by browsing our range of Perth TV commercial production services. Contact us today.


With almost everything moving online, from television to movies, you might wonder if your advertisement on TV will have an impact. The good news is that commercials on TV still have an unparalleled reach.

Despite digital advancements, ads on TV still have the power to capture a broad audience and boost brand awareness on a large scale.

Advertisements on TV in Perth can help your business reach a wider local audience and increase brand visibility. They’re also a fantastic way to engage potential customers, build brand credibility and drive sales in the local market.

Yes, commercials on TV can go beyond Perth television to reach a national audience. By collaborating with national television networks, businesses can reach viewers across the country. This broader reach allows businesses to promote their products or services to a diverse audience and, as a result, improve brand awareness, increase sales and achieve new levels of growth. We can also repurpose your TV commercial for online digital distribution.

TV advertising in Perth is a competitive game that needs to be played by the best — and that’s exactly what you get at Sandbox. Our TV commercial production team is fully dedicated to its craft and pours 100% of its talent into every project it takes on. When you partner with us, you’re working with a team that manages production from start to finish.

With our five-step process, businesses can rest assured that their brand is in the right hands. We’ll always ask for feedback along the way and keep working until you get the desired result.

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