25 Years


The Job

Sandbox had the privilege of collaborating with iiNet and Marketforce for a special campaign celebrating the iconic Australian brand’s 25th year.

The Marketforce brief was to come up with a visually dynamic way to represent a journey though 25 years of technology. Together with Director Richard Vilensky it was decided to portray this as a continuous sequence in which Finn is stuck in a loop – constantly entering and exiting the same room over and over again at 10 year intervals (the 90s, 2000s and present day). From the beginning, there was a strong emphasis on a tactile, in-camera feel to this execution: in particular our transitions from room-to-room. The looks were intricately designed, the set was built to measure, and the action was rehearsed within an inch of its life.

With a number of challenging in-camera practical gags at every turn, as well as considerable post VFX to bring it all together, this was a unique and rewarding experience for the Sandbox team, and one we thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to the post-production team for the paint outs and  seamlessly combining the shots together.

What we did

Production / Direction / Offline Edit / VFX / Colour Grade / Online Edit / Sound Design


Production Company: Sandbox Productions
Producer: Jenny Crabb
Production Coordinator: Maria Elena Amatulli
Director: Richard Vilensky
Director of Photography: Allan Myles

Offline Editor: Tony Bannan
Colour Grade / Online Editor: Jaemie Manners
VFX Artist: Tony Bannan
VFX Artist: Jaemie Manners
VFX Support: Denzil Heeger

Sound Studio: Soundbyte Studios
Post Sound: Brad Habib

Agency: Marketforce
Chrief Creative Officer: Paul Coghlan
Strategic Client Director: Carly Wilcox
Art Director: Lauren Regolini
Agency Producer: Nicole Beer

Client: iiNet
General Manager Marketing: Rob Holmes
Campaign Manager: Brent Clinch
Video Content Designer: Mo Pattni
Social Media and Comms Coordinator: Rebecca Spargo
Campaign Coordinator: Daniel Bartels
Senior Campaign Manager: Austin Sandell
Campaign Coordinator: Kristen Jackson

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