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The Job

Celebrating Culture, Values, and Community with MercyCare.

At Sandbox Productions, we’re absolutely thrilled to be a part of MercyCare’s incredible journey, where culture, values, and community come together in a powerful way. A special shoutout to the amazing team at MercyCare who collaborated with us every step of the way. Your commitment to making a positive impact on the Western Australian community is truly inspiring, and it was an honor to work hand-in-hand with you.

The Values Artwork, a tribute to who MercyCare is:
Courage (Doorn-Doorn Karak) – The spirit to fearlessly embrace challenges.
Integrity (Karmant Boorn Nodjam) – The unwavering commitment to honesty.
Respect (Karlup) – A culture built on mutual respect.
Justice (Moort Bidi) – Advocates for fairness and equity.
Compassion (Kadjininy Koort) – Extending a caring hand to all.
Excellence (Ngalak Moorditj Kolbang) – A relentless pursuit of excellence.

This artwork is a testament to the core values that MercyCare upholds in service to the Western Australian community. We stand proudly alongside the gifted Noongar artist, Peter Farmer, whose work has graced iconic locations and brands across Western Australia and beyond. Together, we celebrate unity, culture, and a steadfast dedication to our community.

What we did

Direction / Production / Offline / Colour Grade / Sound Mix


Production Company: Sandbox Productions
Director / Producer: Taihra Swaine
Producer: James Murphy
Director of Photography: Tim Fitzgerald

Talent: Peter Farmer

Post Production Company: Sandbox Productions
Offline Editor: Val Burnazov
Colourist: Jaemie Manners

Sound Studio: Soundbyte Studios
Sound Producer: Holly Miller
Sound Engineer: Lachlan Cooper

Client: Mercycare
Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Oscar Deveraux

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