Hotel Coolgardie

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The Job

Pete Gleeson’s documentary Hotel Coolgardie, follows two Finnish travellers, Lina and Steph, in search of an authentic outback experience. They find themselves en route to a dot on the map – to pour beers, replenish depleted travel funds, and live amongst the locals. But their working holiday quickly deteriorates ­­into a baptism of fire.

What we did

VFX / Colour Grade / Online Edit / Deliverables / Executive Producing


Production Company:Raw and Cooked Media Pty Ltd
Title: Hotel Coolgardie
Director: Pete Gleeson
Producer: Melissa Hayward
Executive Producer: Grady Habib / Brad Habib
Director of Photography: Pete Gleeson
Editor: Pete Gleeson
VFX: Tony Bannan
Colourist: Jaemie Manners
Online Edit: Tony Bannan / Jaemie Manners
Post Producer: Grady Habib

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