Stevie Cruz-Martin & Daniel Monks

The Job

Pulse is a Western Australian feature film that follows Olly, a gay disabled teenage boy who undergoes a brain transplant into the body of a beautiful woman so that he can find love.

What we did

Colour Grade / Online Edit


Tile: Pulse
Director: Stevie Cruz-Martin
Writer: Daniel Monks
Director of Photography: Stevie Cruz-Martin
Producer: Stevie Cruz-Martin / Daniel Monks / Gemma Hall
Executive Producer: Annie Murtagh-Monks / Roslyn Walker
Consultant Producer: Cathy Henkel
Sound Post Production: Sound Related / Curtin Productions
Vision Post Production: Sandbox Post Production
Editor: Daniel Monks
Post Production Supervisor: Grady Habib
Post Production Producer: Clint Logan
Colourist: Jaemie Manners
Online Editor: Jaemie Manners

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