Aussie Spirit

The Gruen Project

The Job

Witness the resilience of the Australian spirit in a compelling ad created for “The Gruen Transfer” by Youngbloods WA. In this stirring submission for “the pitch” segment, an older Australian reflects on the evolving values of his country. Turning on the news, he sees headlines of natural disasters, but amidst the chaos, he witnesses everyday Australian’s uniting to lend a hand. Through historical and cultural moments, the ad puts a positive spin on natural disasters, showcasing the unwavering strength and community spirit that define Australia.

What we did

Production / Direction / Offline Edit / Online Edit / Colour Grade / Sound Mix


Production Company: Sandbox Productions
Director: Jack Connell
Producer: Maria Elena Amatulli
Cinematographer: Balazs Kajcsa

Post Production House: Sandbox Productions
Offline/Online Editor: Denzil Heeger

Sound Studio: Soundbyte Studios
Sound Engineer: Lachlan Cooper

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